Brake Repair

We take care for your brakes!

Brake jobs done right at RK Auto Repair

Your brake system is an intricate play of many parts and all have to be in proper working condition for brake system to function properly. Our ASE Certified mechanics will go through your entire brake system and check for those places that are braking down or showing extreme wear. Every time you hit that brake pedal, you are activating an entire system that is delicately balanced to stop your vehicle when you need it to.

We will inspect, repair and replace any part of your brake system that is needs our quality attention. We will test, repair and replace your brake lines, rotors, calipers, pads as well as checking related systems such as your wheel bearings and seals, springs, cylinders and cables. Our years of expertise will ensure that your brakes will be there for you and your loved ones when you need them to be.