Brake Repair

We take care for your brakes!

Brake jobs done right at RK Auto Repair

Your brake system is an intricate play of many parts and all have to be in proper working condition for brake system to function properly. Our ASE Certified mechanics will go through your entire brake system and check for those places that are braking down or showing extreme wear. Every time you hit that brake pedal, you are activating an entire system that is delicately balanced to stop your vehicle when you need it to.

We will inspect, repair and replace any part of your brake system that is needs our quality attention. We will test, repair and replace your brake lines, rotors, calipers, pads as well as checking related systems such as your wheel bearings and seals, springs, cylinders and cables. Our years of expertise will ensure that your brakes will be there for you and your loved ones when you need them to be.

Diesel Repair

Diesel Repair Services In Nashua, NH

It takes quality and expertly trained technicians to keep your diesel and fuel injection systems running dependably for you well into the future. We know how you rely on your vehicles so we have them up and running in a little time as possible. We provide comprehensive inspections as well as scheduled maintenance and full repairs.

Pumping fuel in to the tank

We have been a trusted resource in the area for many years so if you need it done right and you need it done economically, there is no other place you need to be. We know that you can’t entrust your, and your loved one’s safety, to just anyone. Our years of personal care and attention as well as our years of experience will bring you the peace of mind you need to have. For you, finding the solution to keeping your diesel powered vehicle up and running just got a whole lot easier.

Exhaust Repair

Responsible Exhaust & Emissions Practices

Your exhaust system is made up of many parts that all have a role to play in your vehicle’s safety and continued high performance. Your muffler contains engine noise and your catalytic converter is critical to the conversion of toxic and noxious fumes into environmentally friendly emissions.

Our fully licensed and insured ASE certified trained mechanics will inspect every inch of your vehicle’s intricate exhaust system. Their experienced eyes can detect even the slightest crack or potential problem area and our advance high tech diagnostic systems will make detection, repair or replacement an exact science.

Exhaust repair from RK Auto Repair

Fleet Maintenance

Protect Your Investment With Our Fleet Program

Our fleet maintenance services are extremely cost effective so that you can slash your operating costs and save on your overall capital investments as your vehicles will be inspected and maintained so as to achieve constant peak performance. We understand your needs as we, also, understand that time is money when it comes to your fleet.

Repairing Fleets of Trucks & Cars

We provide you and your business the peace of mind to know that we will be on top of all maintenance and repairs as well as providing comprehensive inspections, exhaustive expense reports and gentle reminders when it is time to get your vehicles in for maintenance. We are diligently dedicated to being the solution to keeping your fleet up and running well into the future.

NH State Vehicle Inspection

Certified NH State Inspection Station

NH State Inspection

If your light truck or car is older than 1996, it will require an On Board Diagnostics test and inspection. The OBD test will check your vehicle’s capability to self diagnose any specific system problems or immediate malfunctions. Part of the overall state inspection requirements will, also, include an emissions test that has been required by state law since 2005.

The remainder of the vehicle inspection will include all brake systems including your emergency brake, front end suspension, steering, tires, lights and directional system, exhaust system, windows, mirrors, windshield wipers, fuel lines and system, underbody chassis as well as the legal registration, license plate information, and the vehicle ID number.

Pricing Table

Standard Pricing for RK Auto Repair Services
Service Most Vehicles
NH State Inspection $28.95
Oil Change (Standard Oil) $28.95
Brakes & Rotors (Most Cars) $250 – 300
Exhaust (Standard Muffler) $200 – 250