Common Diesel Repairs in Nashua, NH

Diesel repair in Nashua from RK AutoWe don’t know anyone that likes to start up their diesel vehicle only to be met with a “check engine” light! Unfortunately, it is bound to happen to everyone sooner or later during their time as a car owner! Usually, the check engine light is a good signal as to the development of a problem that’s still in its manageable stages–and as any driver knows, ignoring this warning leads to a much bigger problem down the line.

Knowing the exact issue with your diesel car might be a mystery until you have it inspected by our RK Auto Repair experts, however. Here are some of the more common diesel repairs in Nashua, NH that you might find yourself faced with when you bring your vehicle in for service:

  • The internal computer might be reporting power issues, which are usually the result of a loose throttle linkage, a dirty fuel filter or leaking gaskets.
  • Glow plugs have their own light on your dash, making it easier to see when you have got a problem that specifically relates to these important components of your engine. Without properly functioning glow plus, you will have a hard time even starting your car!
  • Fuel-to-air ratio is also important to keep a diesel vehicle’s engine in top shape. Therefore, if it leans to one side or another, the engine itself could suffer the consequences. For example, soot buildups and poor fuel economy are results of this.
  • If your vehicle idles low, lacks power when you hit the gas or have trouble getting up your speed, then you might be looking at a faulty fuel injector. Unfortunately, your check engine light might not always click on for this issue, however it is one our RK Auto diesel repair experts will notice almost immediately.
  • Air intake is an important driving force of your diesel. If your air intake is blocked, or malfunctioning in anyway, you’re going to see that check engine light flash on quickly, alerting you to the need for diesel repairs in Nashua.

These are only some of the common problems that any diesel owner may encounter. Pay attention to that check engine light and your vehicle’s behavior to be aware of any diesel repairs in Nashua you may need!

For more information regarding diesel repairs, contact RK Auto Repair, LLC at 603-595-7575.

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