Brake Service in Nashua: 3 Signs It’s Time

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A vehicle’s brake system is an intricate network of functioning parts. Working together to keep you safe, this system is one of the most crucial elements to keep in tip-top shape. As time goes by, different parts of this balanced system can wear down, making the components less effective and putting you at a higher risk for accidents or collisions. In this article, we’re providing a few signs that indicate it may be time for brake service in Nashua at your trusted auto repair shop, RK Auto.


Brake Dashboard Light

One of the first indicators of brake issues is the illumination of the dashboard indicator light. If your brake light illuminates an amber color, this may indicate a problem with the anti-lock braking system (ABS). However, if the indicator is illuminated red, it may mean an imbalance somewhere within the system. In either case, having your brakes professionally inspected is the best option. Your local mechanic will determine the cause of the indicator light, allowing you to address the problem before it escalates. Once escalated, faulty brakes put your safety at risk as well as increase the chance of even more costly repairs.


Grinding or Squealing Sounds

If you hear a grinding or squeaking sound when you apply the brakes, this is a sure sign that your system is failing. The ASE certified mechanics at RK Auto Repair will inspect every aspect of your brake system for damage or wear, allowing our team to properly address the problem. Often, squealing sounds are an indicator of worn brake pads, broken rattle clips, or deteriorating insulation.


Slow Response Times

Finally, and possibly the most dangerous sign that you need brake service in Nashua is if your brakes are slow to respond. Often described as a spongy feeling when applying the brakes, this situation puts you and those around you at high-risk for collisions.

At RK Auto Repair, our team of experts is here to help keep your vehicle on the road safely. If you feel your brakes are not quite what they used to be, it’s time to schedule brake service in our Nashua, NH shop. Our mechanics will test, repair, and replace any needed parts, ensuring they are properly working, at exactly the time you need them to.

To schedule your appointment for brake service in Nashua, contact RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

brakes nh
brakes nh

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, maintenance and repair are inevitable. When it comes to your braking system, it’s no exception.  NH brakes take some serious abuse between seasons and the continuously changing road conditions, which is even more reason to pay attention to them. 

Your brake system is an intricate component of many parts, all of which need to be in proper working condition for your brakes to function as they should. Each time you press on the brake pedal, you’re activating an entire system of delicately balanced pieces.  Knowing these pieces in and out is imperative to the safety of yourself and your passengers, and that is what our team is for! Here at RK Auto Repair, we have decades of industry experience to keep your vehicle running safely.  In this article, we’re providing you with a few red flags that it may be time to stop in and have your brakes checked out.

Unusual Noises

You know your vehicle, and you know how it sounds.  If, when applying pressure to your brake pedal you hear odd noises, pay attention.  Grinding, squealing, or squeaky brakes are potential signs of several different issues. For example, if grinding noises may indicate that the ceramic or metal brake pads are completely worn.  The grinding noise is caused by the pad component grinding against the metal of your brake rotors. If left unattended, you could face damaging not only your rotors but your calipers as well. 

Spongy Feeling

Another sign that your NH brakes have seen better days is the presence of a “spongy” feeling when applying pressure to the brake pedal. Often, this occurrence is an indication that there’s air present in the brake fluid and a flush is needed. After a professional inspection determines this is the case, a brake fluid flush will clean any air out of the system and new, clean fluid will be added.

Steering Wheel Shakes

Let’s go back to those rotors we already mentioned. Over time, your brake rotors will wear, with or without the help of other components.  When they do, you may experience a shaky steering wheel when braking. Whether replacement or resurfacing is required, our team will perform a complete inspection of the system and provide you with an honest recommendation.

At RK Auto Repair NH, brakes are just one of our many specialties.  If you’re questioning the integrity of any component of your braking system, give us a call today to schedule your appointment.  As one a primary element concerning safety, your brakes should never be ignored! Call our team today at (603) 595-7575.

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Now that you’ve prepared your vehicle with the proper tires for the winter months of New England, it’s time to look at another critical element.  Elements like your brakes are also imperative to driving safely in the winter.  Lucky for you, your favorite auto mechanic, RK Auto Repair, offers brake service in Nashua and surrounding towns to keep you and your family safe this winter.  Here’s what you can expect when having a full brake service done with our team.


A must for safe driving, breaks should undergo an inspection at least every six months.  This is the same timeframe for a tire rotation which takes care of two routine maintenance requirements at once.  When the tires are removed, your mechanic will be able to inspect and check the following items:

  • Brake fluid
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Disc brakes: brake pads, brake rotor, caliper
  • Drum brakes: parking brake, brake shoes, rotor, cylinders, springs
  • Brake pedal compression
  • Wheel bearings and seals
  • Springs
  • Cylinders and cables

Although there can be several other elements depending on the braking system of the vehicle, this list provides you with the general idea of what to expect.


While the inspection is underway, if there’s an issue with a specific part that can be repaired we’ll do so with your permission.  Components such as the calipers can be repaired with the proper amount of expertise.  However, sometimes it’s cheaper to replace than repair.  The decision will come down to the amount of repair needed and the labor involved.  Because everyone is family here at RK Auto, you can have confidence and trust in our opinions and recommendations. 


Although we’ll try to repair the components that we can, sometimes this is not possible.  There are certain parts within your braking system that are better replaced than repaired.  Items such as disc brake rotors, brake hoses, and wheel bearings are just a few of these.  Furthermore, when choosing whether to repair or place, items such as the material and the amount of labor involved are two of the main considerations.  If the piece will require a labor intensive repair, it may be more cost-efficient to replace it.

brake service Nashua

Our team of ASE certified mechanics can provide you with the brake service your vehicle needs this winter.  As Nashua’s premier auto repair shop, don’t hesitate to contact RK Auto Repair for all of your winter driving needs. We’re located in the heart of residential south Nashua, making access to our shop a breeze.  Schedule your appointment today at (603) 595-7575.

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auto repair Nashua NHYour vehicle is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone for its maintenance and repairs.  However, looking for quality auto repair in New Hampshire can be an overwhelming process.  When looking for a trusted auto mechanic, there are a few things to consider.  For instance, the quality service and 30 plus years of experience at RK Auto make them a trusted name.  Here are a few other reasons why you should make RK Auto Repair your go-to for all of your automotive needs.

Family-Owned & Operated

RK Auto treats everyone like family because we are family. Our auto shop has been family owned and operated since our inception.  This little fact is one of the main elements that sets us apart from the rest. We work to provide each and every customer with the maintenance they need, and the customer service they deserve.

Competitive Pricing

Providing quality automotive service at an affordable price is the key to our customer’s satisfaction. Dealerships and other auto body shops can overcharge and under deliver when it comes to your car’s needs and maintenance. RK Auto brings you competitive pricing on the car services we provide, which can save you hundreds on every visit. Our mechanics are available to provide you with a free estimate on any service prior to repair. Further, they are always available to answer any questions you may have.  Lower repair costs without any hidden surprises are what you can expect at RK Auto.

Automotive Resources

Getting back on the road in a timely manner is vital­ to both you and the team at RK Auto. While your car is being repaired, we offer transportation, or even a loaner, to help get you where you need to go. This trust and commitment can’t be found with every auto mechanic in Nashua, but RK Auto makes sure to assist their customers in every possible.  Going above and beyond, we take pride in the level of customer service our shop provides.

Next time you’re in need of auto repair in the Nashua NH area, call RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

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At one time or another, we have all experienced the need for auto repair services.  Whether small or big, many of cringe at the thought of having to bring our vehicle into the shop.  However, if you’re looking for auto repair in New Hampshire and search out your local auto repair shops, the process doesn’t have to be so painful.  Local repair shops, like RK Auto Repair, offer many benefits that dealerships no longer provide to the consumer.


Not only is your local repair shop around the corner, but they are also a one-stop shop servicing all of your vehicles needs.  From oil changes to exhaust system repairs, local shops can handle most concerns without the hassle.  Another added benefit is that your appointment and turn-around time is typically faster than that of a dealership.

Personal Attention

There is something to be said about friendly, personalized service.  As a consumer, when you walk through the door and are greeted with a genuine smile and referred to by name you’re left feeling great inside.  By utilizing the services of your local auto repair shop, you can be sure that not only your name, but your vehicle will be known.  Thus, you’re left feeling that you are in good hands.  Further, this type of service will save you time.  Without having to repeat your vehicles concerns to each new face, your local shop will remember for you.


Much dependent on word-of-mouth, repair shops strive to provide top-notch service to their customers in hopes that their name will be passed on.  Chances are, if your friend or family does recommend a local auto repair shop to you, you’ll check them out.  Why is this? Because you trust the person that referred you.  However, you would not have been referred to if the auto repair shop wasn’t dependable.  In today’s busy world, nobody has time to go back and forth on issues that should be adequately corrected the first time.  Being dependable ensures customers not only come back time and time again but refer to you to their friends and family.

Budget Friendly

Although dealerships have mastered the wow factor in appearance and staffing numbers, it comes at a cost.  The overhead of a local auto repair shop is typically must less than that of a dealership.  Thus, lower operating costs mean lower repair costs. 

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local auto repair shop

Next time you require auto repair in New Hampshire, consider RK Auto Repair.  With over 30 years of trusted experience, the team at RK Auto is fully licensed and insured.  Providing free estimates and loaner cars, RK Auto Repair is sure to make your next auto repair service a pleasant one.  Visit them online or call today to schedule your next appointment (603) 595-7575. \lsdpriori