Preparation is Your Key to Safe Winter Driving

The coming of winter in New Hampshire means you need to know that your vehicle will be at its best to handle all of the perils of winter driving. As every hearty and experienced New Englander knows, driving in the winter can be fraught with the unexpected as snow and ice and mud will test you and your vehicle’s preparedness and skill.

Involve an Auto Repair Specialist

Check in with your auto repair specialist as soon as you can to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected. Take the time to check out all of the equipment and systems you will come to rely on during your winter driving and ensure that they are all in top working condition. If there is any question at all regarding the safety and working condition of a part or a system, it is always best to err on the side of preparation especially as winter approaches.

auto-fluid-replacement-rk-auto-repairThe Importance of Fluid Checks & Storage

Your anti freeze, or coolant, is one thing you need to have working properly along with your windshield wipers. Your auto repair technician can test your 50/50 coolant mixture and determine if it should be replaced. Also, they can check your lines and even flush the radiator system to guarantee that you have heat when you need it and that your vehicle doesn’t overheat. Your wipers, of course, are critical to winter driving. Swap them out and have brand new heavy duty ones put on. The small cost will far outweigh the benefits of increased visibility should you be driving home in a snowstorm. In that vein, your windshield washer tank should always be full during the winter and it would be advisable to keep a gallon or two in your trunk. Here, too, your auto repair specialist can check the entire system to make certain you will have clear visibility when you need it.

Tires Prevent Catastrophe

Perhaps the most important of winter preparations will be to inspect the condition of your tires. Air pressure changes during the winter so get your auto repair specialist to get them to their proper poundage and advise you with regard to keeping the tire pressure at the proper level all winter long. In addition, your auto repair specialist can completely inspect the condition of your tires. You can’t take the chance of driving with worn tires in the winter. Worn tires will cause a loss of traction, can easily blow out, and will affect your ability to steer and brake away from possible catastrophe.

Final Checks & Balances for Winter

Some final areas of preparation that your auto repair specialist can help you with are your battery and your wires, especially your spark plug wires. You don’t want any frayed or cracked wires as they will affect how your engine runs and responds in bad weather. Have your battery posts cleaned and replace the cables if need be. Also, get your auto repair specialist to test your battery. The last thing you need on a stormy night is to lose power or to be unable to start your vehicle.

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