Preventing Tire Problems

Tire repair and replacement area of the garageIn many ways, the tires of a car are just as important as an engine or brake. They are the foundation of a car, and prevent other car parts from carrying all of the weight of the vehicle – tires smoothly ensure your vehicle operates optimally.

Follow these suggestions to keep your tires are in top shape, and be sure to contact RK Auto Repair for any advice and service regarding tires in New Hampshire. Keep them in mind as a contact for any issues with your car or questions you may have, big or small.



  • Slow Things Down


Driving at elevated speeds causes plenty of problems, tires aside. When you consistently change and rev up speed, tires become stressed and suffer from plenty of damage. Though it begins as your problem, your speeding can harm other drivers on the road.

Constant speeding up and slowing down as you drive will only cause friction stress, leading to your tires becoming prematurely worn in the process. This wear and tear can lead to blowouts, holes, and flat tires – nothing you want to deal with, and costly problems to boot.



  • Keep Them Properly Inflated


A flat tire is one of the most frustrating, albeit common problems, to have as a car owner. It’s a drag to fix, and causes large amounts of stress on your vehicle and its many inner parts. With consistently proper inflation, you will not have to worry about any flatness or additional stress on your vehicle.

Plus, proper inflation can keep the rest of your car in gear. When tires are low, it causes the rest of your car to compensate. Tons of stress is put on every other part, and that can lead to even higher mechanic bills. Check your tire pressure regularly, and if you have any doubts, fix your tires in Nashua at RK Auto Repair.



  • Do Your Best to Avoid Potholes


Not only are potholes very frustrating to deal with on the road, they are incredibly damaging. Hitting them frequently can cause tears, and lead to blow outs in a second. Both situations take a significant toll on your car as a whole.

Additionally, potholes can affect shock absorbers, suspension systems, struts, and more. It is a bad situation for any portion of your car. Keep a sharp eye out on the road and keep away from potholes if you can help it, as they are more damaging than they appear.

  • Maintain A Clear View


Safely viewing everything in front of you is Driving Safety 101, but it cannot be stressed enough as you make your way wherever you go. Your focus on the road delivers you to your destination safely, and lets you see everything you need to – including the various threats on the road that are hazardous to tires.

Maintain a clean and quality-grade windshield so you can see everything in your field of vision – and avoid accident factors in the process. It may seem like common sense, but these things can occur from the smallest mistakes.

What to Expect When You Visit RK Auto Repair

rk-auto-repair-service-counterGetting your car fixed can be one of the most trying experiences as a car owner. While you wait for a car, and your bill, to finish, it can be frustrating to say the least. A good mechanic and company can make all the difference.

RK Auto Repair in Nashua, New Hampshire, aims to provide the best experience for a customer as possible. They aim to make a difference when you get your car fixed, and their experience aspires to be anything but routine. Several components make RK Auto Repair a top choice for your next vehicle repair need.



  • They Want to Treat You Like Family


Customer service is one of the most important parts in any line of business. No one wants to deal with unpleasant people when a service is being completed. A sour attitude or lack of warmth can drive away customers.

RK Auto Repair understands this. The garage is family-owned and operated, providing local auto repair in Nashua, NH and they aim to provide services that are up to par with the expectations you would set for your family’s safety.

The facility includes a lounge with refreshments, and RK Auto also provides helpful services such as free rides to your home or work while your car is in the shop. The goal is to help customers through a very stressful time by being accommodating and useful.

  • You Will Be Dealing with Experts


It is very important to deal with someone who knows what they’re talking about in any area of business. When dealing with something as important as fixing your car, you’re going to want to talk with someone who knows their stuff.

RK Auto Repair’s staff has 30 years of collective experience in the automotive industry, with each mechanic being ASE certified. The business of RK Auto itself has been running since 2005.



  • Simple and Complicated Procedures are Available


Sometimes, the basics are all that you needed. This is true for businesses, too, and having basic services for your respective industry is the very foundation of a successful business. These should be available for every customer.

What about the more invasive procedures, though? No doubt having more complicated services available benefits a business as well, and RK Auto Repair is available to provide all types of services.

From standard New Hampshire state inspections and brake repairs to more involved fixes like fleet maintenance, RK Auto is here to provide. Plus, they offer free estimates for any service.


When you visit a mechanic, it often becomes a stressful experience. You worry about mounting bills and the end result. An out-of-commission car is both immensely frustrating and inconvenient. A well-intentioned garage and staff can make all of the difference.

For the above reasons and more, RK Auto Repair is your go to garage for auto repair in Nashua, NH. Offering a friendly atmosphere, experts who know what they are all about and how to care for your vehicle, and plenty of helpful assistance, RK Auto Repair is a garage that knows how to provide excellent service while being great at what they do.

What You Need To Know About Exhaust Repair in NH

Exhaust repair in NH from RKAt RK Auto Repair we know that your car is the most expensive thing you will own until you buy a house, therefore taking care of your car is crucial! It is important to know when and why you need exhaust repair in NH.

The exhaust system collects the harmful emissions released from your engine and directs them away from the vehicle. Your exhaust system components work together to reduce the amount of pollutants expelled into the environment. First, the manifold collects the mixture of air and fuel from the engine and burns unused fuel. From the manifold, the emissions are sent through exhaust pipes into the catalytic converter, where the harmful elements are reduced and converted into less harmful gases in a honeycomb structure coated with platinum, rhodium, and palladium. Next, these gases travel into the muffler, which dampens noise and dissipates the sound waves created during the combustion process in the engine. Finally, the gases are released into the environment through the tailpipe. Annually checking these factors for damage will help keep your exhaust system operating at maximum efficiency.

Why should you have exhaust system services from RK Auto Repair?

Because the exhaust system is responsible for controlling your vehicle’s emissions, an inspection of the exhaust system is critical for your safety and the performance of your car. An exhaust system leak is dangerous due to the release of carbon monoxide into the cabin compartment, which can affect your perception. You might need exhaust repair in Nh if you encounter exhaust noise. This is usually a sign of trouble, and should never be ignored. Blockages and plugged components can cause a loss of power and poor fuel economy. Leaks are often a result of internal corrosion, which is why routine inspection of your exhaust system is extremely important for overall car maintenance. Our fully licensed and insured ASE certified trained mechanics will inspect every inch of your vehicle’s intricate exhaust system.

For more information, contact RK Auto Repair, LLC at 603-595-7575

Common Diesel Repairs in Nashua, NH

Diesel repair in Nashua from RK AutoWe don’t know anyone that likes to start up their diesel vehicle only to be met with a “check engine” light! Unfortunately, it is bound to happen to everyone sooner or later during their time as a car owner! Usually, the check engine light is a good signal as to the development of a problem that’s still in its manageable stages–and as any driver knows, ignoring this warning leads to a much bigger problem down the line.

Knowing the exact issue with your diesel car might be a mystery until you have it inspected by our RK Auto Repair experts, however. Here are some of the more common diesel repairs in Nashua, NH that you might find yourself faced with when you bring your vehicle in for service:

  • The internal computer might be reporting power issues, which are usually the result of a loose throttle linkage, a dirty fuel filter or leaking gaskets.
  • Glow plugs have their own light on your dash, making it easier to see when you have got a problem that specifically relates to these important components of your engine. Without properly functioning glow plus, you will have a hard time even starting your car!
  • Fuel-to-air ratio is also important to keep a diesel vehicle’s engine in top shape. Therefore, if it leans to one side or another, the engine itself could suffer the consequences. For example, soot buildups and poor fuel economy are results of this.
  • If your vehicle idles low, lacks power when you hit the gas or have trouble getting up your speed, then you might be looking at a faulty fuel injector. Unfortunately, your check engine light might not always click on for this issue, however it is one our RK Auto diesel repair experts will notice almost immediately.
  • Air intake is an important driving force of your diesel. If your air intake is blocked, or malfunctioning in anyway, you’re going to see that check engine light flash on quickly, alerting you to the need for diesel repairs in Nashua.

These are only some of the common problems that any diesel owner may encounter. Pay attention to that check engine light and your vehicle’s behavior to be aware of any diesel repairs in Nashua you may need!

For more information regarding diesel repairs, contact RK Auto Repair, LLC at 603-595-7575.

Protect Your Investment with Fleet Maintenance in NH

Fleet maintenance in NH from RK Auto RepairWhat good in your fleet service if they are constantly having issues, needing repair, and are always off the road? At RK Auto, we take the guess work out of fleet maintenance in NH, protecting both your business and your investment, and keeping your fleet on the road exactly when you need them to be.

Fleet maintenance in NH can sometimes be costly, and if not taken care of properly, can end up costing your business even more than you bargained for. Downtime is not only inconvenient, but can cost you thousands when your fleet is not serviced efficiently and effectively. RK Auto’s fleet maintenance is one of the most cost effective services around, resulting in a huge savings for both operating costs and capital investments. This helps keeps the money in your pocket instead of into ineffective or poor quality services and repairs.

Not only with RK Auto get your fleet back on the road as quickly as possible, but the talented team of mechanics will make sure the job is done right the first time, every time. We tailor our fleet services to the specific needs of your vehicles, and regularly schedule inspections, maintenance, and reports to assure your fleet is running at peak performance at all times. Being there when you need is one thing that RK Auto is proud to be known for, and a standard you can now come to expect from our team.

The dedicated team at RK Auto is there for you and your fleet any and every time you need them to be. From expense reports to friendly reminders, our mechanics know what it takes to keep your fleet on the road well into the future, and provide you with the best service at a price you can feel good about. No questions or concerns go unanswered or addressed, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your fleet is in good hands.

For more information about our fleet maintenance in NH, call RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

The Importance of a Healthy Exhaust!

Auto repair in Nashua NH from RKYour vehicle’s exhaust system has come a long way from the old days of exhaust pipes and mufflers. Today, your exhaust structure is made up of many parts that all have a role to play in your vehicles safety and continued high performance. This part of your car is crucial and should be inspected regularly by your RK Auto Repair in Nashua NH.

The exhaust system channels threatening gases from the engine out and away from the car to keep from harming the passengers. The catalytic converter helps turn these gases into mostly harmless ones that do much less damage to you and the environment. If the catalytic converter starts to deteriorate it will not burn those gase as efficiently. The oxygen sensors mounted in the exhaust system monitor the level of oxygen in exhaust gases to control efficient engine operation and to monitor the converter’s operations.

Not only does an exhaust protect driver and passengers from toxins, the exhaust system reduces loud noises from the engine which is a New Hampshire state law!

Maintain a safe car with regular auto repairs in Nashua NH and exhaust inspections. Factors that contribute to replacement requirements include:

  • Driving habits (short trips take their toll on exhaust system life)
  • Road conditions (salt, road spray, bumps)
  • Vehicle type
  • Age of exhaust system parts

If your exhaust system has not been inspected regular some symptoms of damage include:

  • Loud noise
  • Rattling noise when starting, accelerating or braking
  • Drowsiness while driving
  • Rotten eggs smell

For regular vehicle exhaust inspections, contact RK Auto Repair at (603) 595-7575

Warm Weather Auto Repairs in Nashua NH

Auto repair in Nashua NH from RKDuring these hot summer months your car’s cooling system is a safe haven for you and your vehicle. Old corroded hoses crack and can cause coolant or refrigerant leaks leaving passengers and/or your motor stifling hot! Here at RK Auto Repair in Nashua NH, we suggest a scheduled once over so you’re never left stranded.

Radiator/cooling system hoses are a crucial part of your car’s cooling structure, which is designed to keep you and your car engine from overheating. When your car’s engine is running it creates an abundance of heat. Your cooling system hoses carry coolant through the radiator and back through the engine in order to keep it operating at a correct temperature. There are numerous hoses to this system. The hoses are made of rubber, therefore, it is common for these hoses tol wear and tear, ending with them inspected and replaced.

When a radiator/cooling system hose bursts or leaks, the engine will not get the intended amount of coolant and will overheat, causing severe damage to your vehicle’s engine. We recommend that this type of auto repair in Nashua NH be executed every 5 years or 40,000 miles. However, with the weather heating up it is always a good idea to have your RK mechanic give them a once over. There are some signs to look for that may indicate a radiator hose replacement.

  • AC or heater is not working
  • Coolant is leaking
  • Steam coming out of the engine compartment
  • Bulges or cracks in radiator hose(s)

Don’t sweat the traffic this year by scheduling a once over with RK Auto Repair in Nashua NH (603) 595-7575.

Summer’s Almost Here, Is Your Car Ready?

Tires in Nashua from RK AutoAs the dog days of summer get closer and closer, so do the road trips, beach outings, and vacations. Is your vehicle equipped to handle all this extra travel wear and tear? Home to vehicle repairs, inspections, and all things tires in Nashua, RK Auto is here to get your car in gear for the hot weather season. Here’s some tips to make sure you cover all the bases, and keep your car running at its best no matter what the summer brings.

Air Conditioning & Cooling

Keeping you, your passengers, and your vehicle cool during the summer is important during the summer months. If proper maintenance isn’t kept up with, it can not only leave you uncomfortable, but also put your car at risk for overheating. You should have your cooling system flushed and refilled every 24 months, as well as having an expert mechanic inspect drives, belts, clamps, hoses, and air conditioning systems for any damage, leaks, or needed repairs.

Oil Change

Typical summer travel such as long road trips, frequent shorter trips, and towing trailers and boats can put extra strain on your vehicle. A general rule is to have your vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000 miles, but these additional strains can require more frequent oil replacements. Bringing your vehicle in to RK Auto can assure the job is done right, keeping your summer fun and trips going throughout the season without any trouble.

Engine Maintenance

Just as with your car’s oil, the heat and extra wear can put a strain on the engine as well. If you notice any signs of needed inspections or repairs such as rough idling, trouble starting, or stalling, it’s time to bring it in to RK Auto. The knowledgeable mechanics have the expertise and tools to handle the job, and make sure your vehicle is running optimally.

Tire Care

Along with extra mileage, the heat of the summer can also impact tire performance on your vehicle. Keeping an eye on tire pressure, signs of wear, and rotating consistently can help protect against blowouts, flats, and further damage. A good rule of thumb is to have tires rotated every 5,000 miles, and measure pressure every month. When it comes to tires in Nashua, RK Auto is the place to be. Whether its rotating, replacing, or inspecting, the team at RK Auto can handle the job efficiently, effectively, and properly.

If you are looking for new tires in Nashua or any vehicle maintenance, come to RK Auto Repair. For more information, call 603-595-7575.

Spring Car Care Checklist

Brake repair in NH from RK AutoNow that the snow has finally melted and the signs of winter have passed, it’s time to get your vehicle back in shape for the warmer weather. Here is a simple checklist to help get your vehicle looking, feeling, and running good as new this spring. When you’re looking for a name you can trust for inspection, exhaust repair, or brake repair in NH, bring your car in to RK Auto Repair, and check off every to-do on your vehicle’s list!

Tire Pressure & Tread

After the temperature changes, potholes, and icy conditions, your vehicle’s tires could be in need of some TLC. Spring is a great time to check tires for proper pressure and tread depth. If treads are badly worn, or tires show signs of bulges or bald spots, it could be time for a replacement.

Still have those winter tires on? This could be adding extra wear onto these seasonal tires, and also on the vehicle itself. Take the time to switch them out, and save them for this year’s winter season.

Brake System

All that winter wear and tear can take its toll on your vehicle’s brake system as well. It is important to have every part of your brake system inspected for damages or needed repairs. RK Auto is an expert in the industry, especially when it comes to brake repair in NH. You can be sure your vehicle’s braking system will be thoroughly inspected, leaving no aspect unattended to. This can help get you back on the road as soon as possible, and avoid the headache and dangers of further complications.

Check Fluids

Now is the time to also check your vehicle’s fluid levels. This includes engine oil, power steering, brake, transmission, windshield washing fluids, as well as antifreeze/coolant. Your antifreeze and coolant fluids should be changed out every two years.

Potential Leaks

Have you noticed any puddles forming underneath your car? This could be a sign of a leak. It is a good idea to have your vehicle inspected if you notice any stains or puddles underneath it. This can help prevent further or permanent damage to the intricate systems of your vehicle, and assure it is running properly and efficiently for many years to come.

Wash & Wax

Salt and sand can easily build up on your vehicle, causing deterioration and damage both underneath it and to the paint job. Do some spring cleaning both inside and out of your vehicle to wash away what’s left of the winter. A thorough vacuuming, washing, and waxing can bring a breath of fresh air to your car, and leave it looking its best for the warmer months ahead.

Whether it is a thorough inspection or brake repair in NH, trust the team of RK Auto to get the job done right. For more information, call 603-595-7575.

Celebrate Car Care Month with One of the Best Mechanics in NH!

Best mechanics in NH from RK Auto RepairApril is not just the start of the spring season, but it also celebrates National Car Care Month. This is the perfect time to bring your car in, and make sure it is running at peak performance. As one of the best mechanics in NH, RK Auto is a trusted source for a multitude of car care services for the greater Nashua area. Here are three areas RK Auto specializes in, to help keep your vehicle running for many more years to come.

Brake Repair

Issues with your vehicle’s brake system can literally bring your daily commute to a halt. This system is an intricate balance of many different parts, from the rotors to the wheel bearings. Each aspect is a key component to making sure your vehicle comes to a stop as soon as you press down on the brake pedal. The mechanics at RK Auto have the expertise to examine each and every part of your vehicle’s brake system to determine what plan of action is needed to get it up and running, and back on the road.

State Inspection

All vehicles in the state of New Hampshire are subject to a yearly inspection, assuring that it is safe and fit to be on the road. If it’s about that time for your vehicle, bringing it to RK Auto is the best way for you to know the job is done thoroughly and efficiently. There’s a reason why RK Auto Repair has been voted as one of the best mechanics in NH twice, and that reason is car care excellence every single time.

Exhaust Repair

Just as a vehicle’s brake system, the exhaust system plays a major role its health and functionality. Not only can a damaged exhaust system be detrimental to the environment, but it can also put you and your passengers’ safety at risk. At RK Auto, each vehicle is inspected and treated with precision and care, making sure no part or aspect is left unattended or evaluated. A properly functioning exhaust system can keep your car running smoothly and quietly, and prevent spewing toxic fumes into the air.

When you are looking for one of the best mechanics in NH, look no further than RK Auto Repair. For more information, call 603-595-7575.