Who Do You Trust For Brake Repair in NH?

Brake repair in NH from RK AutoWhen it comes to not only keeping your car in tip top shape, but also guaranteeing you and your passengers are safe, do you trust your auto repairs to just anyone? Working with an expert in the industry ensures that each and every inspection, diagnosis, and repair is done correctly. At RK Auto, you can find a whole team of experienced mechanics, equipped to handle every auto job, from fleet maintenance to brake repair in NH. Providing each customer with both the service and staff they can depend on and trust is the quality you can come to expect with each visit to the RK Auto shop.

There’s a reason RK Auto has been voted the best auto shop in Nashua not once, but TWICE. It’s the understanding of each customer’s needs, as well as efficient auto repairs that makes RK Auto a leader in the business. Getting you and your car back on the road safely and as quickly as possible is the overriding goal for the team at RK Auto. Whatever it takes to get your car up and running again with minimum interruption to your daily life, RK Auto Repair will make it happen.

Especially when it comes to brake repair in NH, you don’t want to trust this important job to just anyone. A keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies of a vehicle’s brake system is needed in order to make sure that the brakes will operate quickly and smoothly right when they are needed. When you come to RK Auto, every aspect of your vehicle’s brake system will be thoroughly inspected. This attention to detail helps properly diagnose the source of the problem, and enables the mechanic to complete repairs more efficiently. Once the repairs are completed, you will be equipped with the peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers will be safe, and your brakes will function even better than before.

For more information on brake repair in NH or any other automotive service, contact RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

The Importance of Winter Tires in Nashua

Ties in Nashua from RK AutoWe all know how bad the weather conditions can get here in New England this time of year, which make for less than ideal driving conditions. When it is time for you to hit the road, it is important that your vehicle is well-equipped to handle the snow and ice, keeping you as safe and secure as possible. RK Auto Repair can fit your vehicle with a set of winter tires in Nashua, to help keep your car and family safe on the road in all types of weather.

The reason winter tires are crucial this time of year is the fact that they are made from a different type of rubber than all-season tires. They are also more effective than all-season tires once the temperatures drop. Additionally, winter tires are equipped with an optimized tread for winter conditions, giving them a much better grip to prevent slipping and allow for faster braking. In fact, winter tires shorten braking distances up to 30 percent regardless if roads are dry, wet, slushy, or icy. This can significantly decrease the chances of being involved in an accident and putting you and your family at risk for serious injuries.

Regardless if your car is fitted with anti-lock brakes all-wheel drive, or nether, winter tires should be used during this season. The expert staff at RK Auto can help you with all aspects of selecting, inspecting, repairing, and installing winter tires in Nashua. For more information, or if you have any questions, contact RK Auto Repair at anytime at 603-595-7575.

Your Trusted Source For Brake Service in Nashua!

Brake service in Nashua from RK AutoThe treacherous conditions and icy roadways of winter are no time to skimp when it comes to your car’s brake system. Not only can the snow and ice take a toll on your brakes, but these conditions can also make it more difficult to stop quickly and efficiently. This can put you, your passengers, and your vehicle at risk for serious accidents and injury, not to mention costly repairs. RK Auto Repair is your trusted source for quality brake service in Nashua, keeping you safe, and on the road the whole year round and through every New England weather condition.

Brake systems are intricate and complex systems, requiring the finest attention to detail in order to make sure they are operating at peak performance. The mechanics at RK Auto are ASE certified, meaning they are knowledgeable experts when it comes to the ins and outs of your vehicle’s brake system. A thorough inspection allows the mechanics at RK Auto to properly diagnose and locate the source of your car’s braking issue, and make the adjustments and repairs needed the most efficient and effective way possible.

Road conditions of winter are constantly changing, requiring drivers to be prepared at any moments notice. RK Auto’s brake service in Nashua helps equip drivers with the resources needed to keep safe on the roadways through sleet, snow, ice, and every weather in between. Whether it’s rotors, calipers, or brake pads, RK Auto has the expertise to bring your car back to it’s former glory and get you back on the road to where you need to be.

For more information about our brake service in Nashua, call RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

Looking For an Auto Mechanic in Nashua?

Auto mechanic in Nashua from RKYour vehicle is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The quality service and more than 30 years of experience of RK Auto makes us a trusted name when you are looking for an auto mechanic in Nashua. Here are a few of the reasons that make RK Auto Repair a reliable source for all your automotive needs.

Family-Owned & Operated

RK Auto treats you like family, because we are family. Our auto shop has been family owned and operated since our inception, and is one of the main reasons that sets us apart from the rest. We work to provide each and every customer with the maintenance they need and the customer service they deserve.

Competitive Pricing

Providing quality automotive service at an affordable price is the key to our customers’ satisfaction. Dealerships and other auto body shops can overcharge and under deliver when it comes to your car’s needs and maintenance. RK Auto brings you competitive pricing on the car services offered, which can save you hundreds with every visit. Our mechanics are available to provide you with a free estimate on any service prior to repair, and are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Automotive Resources

Getting back on the road in a timely manner is important to both you and the team at RK Auto. While your car is being repaired, we can offer transportation or even a loaner car to help get you where you need to go no matter what. We work to get your car up and running as soon as possible, but are happy to offer this automotive services to every one of our customers in the meantime. This trust and commitment can’t be found with every auto mechanic in Nashua, but RK Auto makes sure to help every customer, every time they visit.

If you are looking for an auto mechanic in Nashua, call RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

The Answer To Your Need For Fleet Maintenance in NH

Fleet maintenance in NH from RK Auto RepairKeeping your fleet on the road and operating at peak performance are both crucial steps to assuring your business is up and running at all times. At RK Auto Repair, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that our experienced mechanics will provide the best and fastest service around when it comes to fleet maintenance in NH. From the quality work of our inspections, to prompt and thorough maintenance we provide, RK Auto Repair has your every aspect of your fleet operation covered.

Some fleet services require lengthy trips out of state for their maintenance and inspection, costing your business extra time and money that could be made instead when they are not up and running. Located right in the heart of Nashua, RK Auto Repair is a convenient location when you are looking for fleet maintenance in NH. Additionally, our fleet maintenance services are cost-effective, saving you even more for your operating costs and overall capital investment.

Each vehicle in your fleet will be inspected, repaired, and maintained to ensure it is operating at its best performance every time it is on the road. You will also receive exhaustive expense reports and friendly reminders that it is time for your fleet’s routine maintenance. It is these proactive steps and procedures that sets RK Auto apart from the rest, and provides your business with the best possible fleet service for the most affordable price.

For more information about RK Auto’s services regarding fleet maintenance in NH, call at 603-595-7575.

Signs It’s Time for Exhaust Repair in NH

Exhaust repair in NH from RK AutoThere are many different parts that make up your car’s exhaust system, and damage to any of them can interrupt the function and efficiency of your vehicle. There are signs and symptoms that you can be aware of that signal it’s time to bring your vehicle in to RK Auto for proper exhaust repair in NH.

Vibrations and Noises

One sure sign that you should bring your vehicle in for exhaust repair, is if you notice any new vibrations or sounds coming from your exhaust system. It may sound like a box of rocks being shaken during idling, which can be a sign that a problem occurs with your car’s catalytic converter. An exhaust leak can result in vibrations or rumbling when pressing on the pedals or during steering. Whenever you hear a new sound or vibration coming from your vehicle, it is a good idea to get it checked out by a trained and experienced mechanic.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Does it seem like you are making more trips to the gas pump more often? This could be a sign of an exhaust leak. Leaks in your exhaust make your engine have to work harder, using up more gas, and costing you more money. If you start to notice a decrease in your vehicle’s gas efficiency, it’s time to have it looked at for damage.

The longer you wait to have your exhaust system inspected, the more money it will end up costing you. A damaged exhaust can lead to damage of other parts in your vehicle, costing you more time and money in repairs and time off the road.

When you are looking for an effective exhaust repair in NH, give RK Auto a call at 603-595-7575.

How to Apply Your Brakes in NH Winter Weather

Brakes in NH from RK Auto RepairDriving in the snow and ice is one of the headaches many drivers must face when living in New England. A car that is ill-prepared or an unexperienced driver can make matters worse, and can increase the chances of an accident. Here are some safe driving tips to help you prepare for driving and applying your brakes in NH winter weather this season.

Take Your Time

Give yourself extra time and space to slow down or brake during snowy or rainy weather. The average time distance in dry conditions is three to four seconds, but should be increased to eight to ten seconds during bad weather. Anticipate having to apply your brakes, and take your foot off the accelerator to allow your car to slow down over time, rather than having to slam on the brakes.

With Anti-Lock Brakes

If you find yourself in a situation requiring additional braking, it is best to use the heel-to-toe method, or threshold braking for anti-lock brakes. Plant the heel of your foot on the floor, and apply firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal with the ball of your foot. Apply enough pressure until just before locking up the wheels. Release the pressure, and repeat the process until your vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Without Anti-Lock Brakes

If your car is not equipped with anti-lock brakes, the process for braking differs slightly. You should still use the heel-to-toe method, but instead do not remove your foot from the pedal or release pressure until your car comes to a complete stop. Keep your hands where they are on the wheel to avoid spinning out.

Correcting a Slide

Despite being an alert and safe driver, some situations may come up where you find yourself in a slide. In order to regain control, you should release your foot off the brake pedal, and turn your wheel into the direction the rear of the car is sliding, or the direction you want the car to go. It is best to drive slower in harsh weather conditions, since controlling and braking adequately at high speeds is much more difficult and dangerous.

For more information or to schedule an inspection for your brakes in NH, call RK Auto Repair at 603-595-7575.

Three Signs You Need Brake Service in Nashua

Brake service in Nashua NH from RK AutoThe brake system of your car is an intricate network of parts and functions that work together to keep you safe every time you push the brake pedal. As time goes by, different parts of this balanced system can wear down, making the system less effective and putting you at risk for accidents or collisions. Here are a few of the signs to look out for that can indicate your car is in need of brake service in Nashua.

Brake Dashboard Light

One sign to look for when it comes to brake issues is your dashboard indicator light. If your brake dashboard light illuminates an amber color, this can indicate an issue with the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). If it is illuminated red, this can mean an imbalance somewhere within the brake system. In either case, you should have your brakes inspected to address the problem before it escalates, putting your safety at risk and the burden of costly repairs.

Grinding/Squealing Brakes

If you hear a grinding or squeaking sound every time you apply the brakes, this is a sure sign that your brakes need to be inspected and repaired. The ASE certified mechanics at RK Auto Repair will inspect each and every aspect of your brake system for damage or wear in order to properly address the problem, and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Slow to Respond During Braking

A dangerous sign that you need brake service in Nashua is if your brakes are slow to respond. This can sometimes be described as a spongy feeling when you apply the brakes, and can put you at risk for accidents or collisions. RK Auto Repair will test, repair, and replace the needed parts to your brake system to make sure they are working as they should, at exactly the time you need them to.

To schedule your appointment for brake service in Nashua, give RK Auto Repair a call at 603-595-7575.

Quality Auto Services From One of the Best Mechanics in NH

Best mechanics in NH from RK AutoRepairing and maintaining your vehicle are not tasks that should be left in the hands of ill-informed mechanics. Our knowledgeable staff here at RK Auto Repair make sure the job is done right the first time, every time. Versatility is our speciality, making RK Auto Repair home to some of the best mechanics in NH. Here are the quality services you can expect with each visit.

NH State Inspection

Is your car or truck older than 1996? RK Auto Repair will perform an On Board Diagnostics (OBD) test to check if your vehicle can properly self diagnose problems or malfunctions. In addition, our technicians complete an emissions test, and thorough inspection of your vehicle to assure all systems and functions are safe and running properly no matter the age or condition of your car or truck.

Brake Repair

The threat of snow and ice soon is reason enough to make sure your car’s brakes are working at their best. Our ASE Certified mechanics inspect all parts and areas of your brake system for wear and tear, in order to replace or repair parts correctly and efficiently. The quality work of the best mechanics in NH at RK Auto Repair assures that your brakes will work to keep you safe no matter the weather.

Exhaust Repair

To keep your car running at its best, a healthy exhaust system is crucial. No crack or hole goes undetected with the thorough inspections by our knowledgeable mechanics. This comprehensive process simplifies the detection and repair of your exhaust system, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs on fleet vehicles can be a costly expense when the appropriate measures are not completed on time. RK Auto’s fleet maintenance service does all the hard work for you with gentle reminders, comprehensive inspections, and exhaust expense reports to keep your fleets in top shape and operating costs low.

For more information or to schedule your appointment with one of our best mechanics in NH, call RK Auto at 603-595-7575.

Preparation is Your Key to Safe Winter Driving

RK Auto Repair Storefront in Winter

The coming of winter in New Hampshire means you need to know that your vehicle will be at its best to handle all of the perils of winter driving. As every hearty and experienced New Englander knows, driving in the winter can be fraught with the unexpected as snow and ice and mud will test you and your vehicle’s preparedness and skill.

Involve an Auto Repair Specialist

Check in with your auto repair specialist as soon as you can to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected. Take the time to check out all of the equipment and systems you will come to rely on during your winter driving and ensure that they are all in top working condition. If there is any question at all regarding the safety and working condition of a part or a system, it is always best to err on the side of preparation especially as winter approaches.

auto-fluid-replacement-rk-auto-repairThe Importance of Fluid Checks & Storage

Your anti freeze, or coolant, is one thing you need to have working properly along with your windshield wipers. Your auto repair technician can test your 50/50 coolant mixture and determine if it should be replaced. Also, they can check your lines and even flush the radiator system to guarantee that you have heat when you need it and that your vehicle doesn’t overheat. Your wipers, of course, are critical to winter driving. Swap them out and have brand new heavy duty ones put on. The small cost will far outweigh the benefits of increased visibility should you be driving home in a snowstorm. In that vein, your windshield washer tank should always be full during the winter and it would be advisable to keep a gallon or two in your trunk. Here, too, your auto repair specialist can check the entire system to make certain you will have clear visibility when you need it.

Tires Prevent Catastrophe

Perhaps the most important of winter preparations will be to inspect the condition of your tires. Air pressure changes during the winter so get your auto repair specialist to get them to their proper poundage and advise you with regard to keeping the tire pressure at the proper level all winter long. In addition, your auto repair specialist can completely inspect the condition of your tires. You can’t take the chance of driving with worn tires in the winter. Worn tires will cause a loss of traction, can easily blow out, and will affect your ability to steer and brake away from possible catastrophe.

Final Checks & Balances for Winter

Some final areas of preparation that your auto repair specialist can help you with are your battery and your wires, especially your spark plug wires. You don’t want any frayed or cracked wires as they will affect how your engine runs and responds in bad weather. Have your battery posts cleaned and replace the cables if need be. Also, get your auto repair specialist to test your battery. The last thing you need on a stormy night is to lose power or to be unable to start your vehicle.